Ask a Student

Meet this year’s cohort of Senior Fellows, students who work in the Office of Admission throughout the school year and provide on campus interviews, co-host admission and financial aid information sessions, and support the office in all of its initiatives. They’re eager to meet you and answer your questions, so please do not hesitate to reach out to them if you have a question about life at Bates! To get in touch, feel welcome to email them individually or reach out to

Graham Bonnell
High School/Hometown:
Fairchild Wheeler;
Fairfield, CT
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics (Major); Physics
& Mathematics (Double Minor)
Activities/Involvement: Varsity Squash, Film
Why did you choose Bates?: I chose Bates due
to the emancipating potential of supporting all
students, social and cultural perspectives, and
individual abilities. In addition, Bates is home
to one of the most competitive college squash
programs in the United States.
Katherine Cabral
High School/Hometown:
Chelsea High School;
Chelsea, MA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics (Major); Spanish
(Minor); Social Justice (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Women of Color, Black
Student Union, IT Help Desk
Why did you choose Bates?: I chose Bates for
its tight-knit community and dedication to
diversity and inclusion!  
Maddy Clark
High School/Hometown:
Georgetown Day
School; Washington, D.C.
Majors/Minors/GECs: English (Creative
Writing) & Sociology (Double Major); Law and
Society (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Crosstones a capella,
Immigrant Resources Center of Maine English
Teacher, Big Brother Big Sister, College Guild
Why did you choose Bates?: Bates checked
every single one of my boxes, but further
provided a breadth of opportunities for holisticgrowth as a student, researcher, artist, and
person. Though you hear it so often it begins to
sound like a platitude, what sealed the deal for
me was the Bates community. Bates is
characterized by collaboration, kindness, and
Grace Ellrodt
High School/Hometown:
Lenox Memorial High School; Lenox, MA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Environmental Studies
(Major); Philosophy (Minor); Class, Inequity, and Justice (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Peer Writing Tutor,
Running Club Member
Why did you choose Bates?:
I sought a college
experience that would make me a more
balanced, insightful, and confidence person.
Through offerings of Community Engaged
courses and research in Environmental Studies, and more, I’ve cultivate these qualities, and
become someone who gets out and does work
on the ground.
Gabrielle Eustache
High School/Hometown:
; New York, NY
Majors/Minors/GECs: Neuroscience (Major);
Chemistry (Minor); The Human Body (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Varsity Volleyball,
Women of Color, Caribbean Student
Why did you choose Bates?:
I chose Bates
because I immediately connected to the caring,
open community when I visited campus. I felt
very comfortable and at home, especially when
interacting with students.
Jonathan Farrell
High School/Hometown:
Xavier High School;
Middletown, CT
Majors/Minors/GECs: English, Creative Writing
concentration (Major); Religion (Minor);
Environment, Place, and History (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Club Ultimate Frisbee,
Dinner Table club, Harward Center volunteer
Why did you choose Bates?: I chose Bates for
the feeling of belonging and assurance I felt on
campus. I knew that I would be able to explore
different areas of study as well as myself, all
while feeling accepted by others around me
who were doing the same exact thing.
Areohn Harrison
High School/Hometown:
St. Alban’s School;
Rockville, MD
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics & Sociology
(Double Major)
Activities/Involvement: Black Student Union,
Security Advisory Council, Community
Why did you choose Bates?: I visited campus
through Prologue (Bates’s fly-in program for
underrepresented students). I got to join
some awesome classes and meet some great
people who are now my closest friends!
Adam Hirsch
High School/Hometown:
Fieldston School;
New York, NY
Majors/Minors/GECs: Sociology (Major);
Religious Studies (Minor); Material Culture
Activities/Involvement: Rugby Club, Bates
Why did you choose Bates?: Coming from New York City, I knew that I wanted to be close to the outdoors. I was drawn to Bates by the
overwhelming sense of community and
inclusivity on campus. Bates allowed me to
pursue my academic interests, while pushing
me to explore new passions as well.
Brook Jandreau
School/Hometown: Community High School;
Fort Kent, ME
Majors/Minors/GECs: Sociology (Major);
Religious Studies & 2D/3D Design (Double GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Residence
Coordinator, Student Affairs Committee,
Harward Center Community Outreach Fellow,
theater and dance costume design, Bates EMS
Why did you choose Bates?: I chose Bates for
the supportive and tight-knit community of
students, faculty, and staff. Everyone was
genuine and eager to share their personal
Bates stories and to engage on a deeper level
with their peers. The pride and passion
Batesies exhibit is palpable on campus.
Annie Lindholm
High School/Hometown:
Middlebury Union
High School; Middlebury, VT
Majors/Minors/GECs: Biochemistry (Major);
French & Francophone Studies (Minor);
Applying Mathematical Methods (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Bates Sailing, WRBC
(radio), Bates EMS
Why did you choose Bates?:
I grew up coming to Lewiston to visit family and through that
formed a deep connection and appreciation for
this community. Bates has given me the
opportunity to push myself academically,
socially, and physically in a welcoming and
supportive environment. I’m so grateful for my
time here.
Jason Lu
High School/Hometown:
Westborough High
School; Westborough, MA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Economics &
Mathematics (Double Major)
Activities/Involvement: Manic Optimists a
capella, Club Squash, Math and Statistics tutor,
AESOP group leader
Why did you choose Bates?:
The lack of
expectations to fit within a certain mold is what drew me to Bates. Bates seems to operate on a perfect duality: a rigorous liberal arts education
and a collaborative atmosphere. Not only have I gotten the opportunity to forge my own path,
but I met so many uniquely interesting and
intrinsically kind people along the way.
Senyo Ohene
High School/Hometown:
Gmeiner International College; Accra, Ghana
Majors/Minors/GECs: Mathematics (Major);
Music (Minor); Public Health in Latin America
Activities/Involvement: Bates Christian
Fellowship, Gospelaires a capella, Club Soccer,
Club Volleyball, Spikeball Club, College Choir
Why did you choose Bates?:
I wanted an
environment full of people who were excited to
get to know each other and to try new things.
Bates provided this for me, and I knew that I
would go through my college career in an
incredibly welcoming community.
Alexandria Onuoha
High School/Hometown:
Prospect Hill
Academy Charter School;
Majors/Minors/GECs: Psychology & Dance
(Double Major); The Human Body (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Women of Color (co-
president), Black Student Union, Purposeful
Work Fellow, Academic Resource Commons
Student Manager, Bates Dance, Gospelaires a
Why did you choose Bates?:
I chose Bates for
the rigorous academics and the amazing faculty and students I met when I visited campus. The
community displayed a genuine sense of
togetherness and authenticity. Most
importantly, Bates is an institution that is open
to having difficult conversations about
controversial issues in order to create change.
Lydia Sullivan
High School/Hometown:
Yarmouth High
School; Yarmouth, ME
Majors/Minors/GECs: Rhetoric & Religious
Studies (Double Major); Film and Media Studies
Activities/Involvement: Student Government,
Security Advisory Council, Yoga, Community
Why did you choose Bates?:
I was drawn to
the inclusivity of Bates as exemplified through
the history, one dining hall, access to clubs/
organizations, and small classes. Furthermore,
as a native Mainer, I wanted to stay for four
more years of college to explore all that this
beautiful state has to offer. Finally, I was
intrigued by the 4-4-1 academic plan and the
uniqueness of Short Term (now my favorite
time of the year)!
Cherrysse Ulsa
High School/Hometown:
W.R. Farrington High
School; Honolulu, HI
Majors/Minors/GECs: Neuroscience (Major);
Education (Minor); Public Health (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Bonner Leader
Program, Peer Writing Tutor and Writing
Fellow, Hookipa Hawaii Club, Lewiston Public
School Classroom Assistant
Why did you choose Bates?:
I chose Bates for
its friendly and welcoming community. I
wanted to attend an institution that would
challenge me academically and foster personal
Erni Whitaker
High School/Hometown:
San Luis Obispo High
School; San Luis Obispo, CA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Philosophy & Chemistry
(Double Major); Law and Society (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: AESOP Coordinator,
Peer Writing and Public Speaking Tutor, College
Guild, Hospice, YWCA Central Maine, tutoring
Why did you choose Bates?:
When I got on
campus as a high school senior, I felt an
amazing sense of community. I also wanted to
be able to develop my varied academic
interests, and knew I would be able to do that at Bates.
Philip Wu
High School/Hometown:
; Taipei, Taiwan
Majors/Minors/GECs: Visual Art and Culture:
Studio Art (Major); Anthropology (Minor); The
Human Body (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Bates Arts
Collaborative, Public Arts Committee, Student
Programming Fellow, Badminton Club
Why did you choose Bates?:
The feeling of
inclusion and the strong sense of community
links has led me to vision Bates as an
extension of my family.