Tuition & Fees

A Bates education is one of the most worthwhile investments you will make — it will provide you with the tools for a lifetime of learning, engagement, and achievement. Supported by a dedicated faculty, Bates students learn to explore broadly and deeply, to cross disciplines and to question rigorously. Bates offers students a challenging academic experience in a collaborative and supportive environment. Student Financial Services will work with your family to make this important investment affordable.

Costs for?2019-20
Tuition, room, board and fees $71,388
Estimated?costs for?books, personal and travel $2,150
Total $73,538
Books, Personal and Travel Expenses

The majority of expenses you incur as a student are billed through Bates. These include tuition, room, board and fees, health insurance (if you elect Bates student health insurance) and costs for applied music or optional extra-cost Short Term courses. The remaining expenses are out-of-pocket purchases you make for books, personal expenses and travel.

When determining financial aid eligibility, we estimate costs of $2,150 to $3,050 for books, personal and travel expenses, depending on where you live — the actual amount may be more or less, depending upon individual preference.

Fees for Off-Campus Study

Students participating in off-campus study (except those on the Bates Fall Semester Abroad Program) are charged a registration fee of $2,498 for each semester spent away from Bates. Be sure to notify your parents/guardians of this fee, which covers some of the costs associated with the administration of the off-campus study process. This fee is charged by Bates and is separate from fees that may be charged by your off-campus program.

Student Health Insurance

In accordance with the Affordable Care Act, Bates?requires?all full-time students to have health insurance and offers coverage (at an additional cost) to students who are not covered through another policy.

To ensure that students have the opportunity to enroll in the Bates Student Health Insurance plan, the college annually asks students?to indicate on the Garnet Gateway whether insurance coverage is needed.?Students can either?elect to participate in the Bates plan or?waive coverage if?they are covered through another insurance policy.?International students cannot?waive coverage unless they are insured under a U.S. plan.

The Bates College Student Health Insurance Plan becomes effective August 15, 2019, and ends August 14, 2020. The premium for the 2019-20 academic year has not been set, but will be updated when it becomes available.

How We Can Help

Whether or not you qualify for financial aid, Student Financial Services can be a helpful resource for your family. In addition to need-based financial aid, we offer a monthly payment plan and numerous student and parent loan options.

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